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Factors To Consider When You Are Getting Ready To Buy Bathroom Faucets

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A bathroom faucet can enhance your sink and add its own stylish touch to your bathroom. If you are looking to update the hardware in your space or are installing a new sink, you may be looking to buy bathroom faucets. But with so many on the market, you may not be sure where to being as you look to find the one that is ideal for your space. Here are a few of the factors to consider as you look to buy bathroom faucets

If You Need a Single or Three Hole Faucet

Before you can buy a faucet, you first need to buy a sink. This is because some sinks are cut and designed for three hole faucets, while others are designed for a single hole faucet. A three hole cut means that there is one hole for the faucet, and then a separate hole for the cold and hot water valve. A single hole cut is designed for a faucet that pivots to the left or right to get hot or cold water. Figure out what kind of sink you are buying and how the holes are cut or aligned so you know which type of faucet you need. 

The Height of the Faucet

Another factor to consider when shopping for a bathroom faucet is the height of the faucet. The height of the faucet also typically plays off of the depth of the sink that you have selected. If your sink is deep, you can pick a sink faucet that is low, as your hands can easily fit underneath. But if the sink depth is shallow, you may need a higher faucet, so your hands fit under the faucet. But at the same time, if your bowl is shallow, you can't go too high with the faucet or water may bounce out, all over the countertop. If you want a high faucet, you may also need a deeper sink vessel. 

The Faucet's Finish

The last factor to keep in mind when you are buying bathroom faucets is the faucet's finish. Faucets can be finished in a variety of materials including nickle, copper or brass. Your faucets should match the other hardware in your bathroom, including cabinet handles and drawer pulls, for a finished and complete look. Always select the finish that fits the desired look you are after, while still matching the other colors and hardware in your space. 

The right bathroom faucet can compliment your sink, while also making a statement of its own. Paying attention to each of these three factors will help guide you to a faucet that works in your space, works with your sink and has the aesthetic look that you are looking for in a faucet.